• Bias-Related Incident – Reporting and Guidelines for Student Affairs Professionals (pdf).
  • Bias Incident Reports - Spring 2017 (pdf).
  • Hokie Handbook – A guide covering the Code of Conduct, University Policies for Student Life, and other policies and procedures that students are required to know and abide.
  • Connections for Off-Campus Students – Information on off-campus housing options for students including listings, resources, and message boards.
  • Annual Notice on Rights and Responsibilities of the Virginia Tech Community
  • Report Harassment and/or Discrimination – Determine the most appropriate avenue for addressing concerns or complaints.
  • Safe Zone – This program provides a more accepting environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning students and their allies at Virginia Tech.
  • Stop Abuse – Support and resources around the topic of sexual violence and sexual misconduct. 
  • Students in Distress – A Guide for Faculty/Staff and Quick Guide

  • Dean of Students Reporting System – This is not a system to use for emergencies.
    Faculty and staff members are encouraged to share concern for a student with the Dean of Students Office, enabling a more complete profile of the student in distress. The system is in place as one more available tool to report a concern. Phone calls to the Dean of Students Office are still welcomed and encouraged. As always, matters needing immediate attention should be directed to the Virginia Tech Police Department at 540-231-6411.

    Faculty Access: The Dean of Students Reporting System is available within the Hokie SPA/Faculty Access Menu. Faculty members have the ability to report a concern for any student assigned to them, either enrolled in a course or as an advisee.

    Staff Access: Deans, department heads, and directors are strongly encouraged to identify critical staff members who they wish to have access to the Dean of Students reporting system. Deans, department heads, and directors will need to send an email to dean.students@vt.edu with the name of the critical staff member they wish to have registered for the reporting system.

  • Threat Assessment – The mission of the Threat Assessment Team is to determine if an individual poses, or may reasonably pose, a threat of violence to self, others, or the Virginia Tech community and to intervene to avert the thread and maintain the safety of the situation. Acts of intolerance require a response that asks all members of our community to uphold our shared values as outlined in the Virginia Tech Principles of Community. Since incidents often fall beyond the reach of policy and laws, it is imperative that we respond as a unified community to denounce such behavior. 
  • Diversity at Virginia Tech – The Office for Inclusion and Diversity envisions a university committed to building a community of excellence through the affirmation of difference.
  • Division of Student Affairs – Student Affairs professionals are committed to the holistic development of the Virginia Tech student experience, from orientation to graduation day. Students interact with student affairs staff from a variety of departments such as Housing and Residence Life, Dining Services, Schiffert Health Center, Cook Counseling Center, and Student Engagement and Campus Life.

Dean of Students

109 East Eggleston Hall (0255)
500 Drillfield Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Phone: 540-231-3787
Fax: 540-231-4035